Meet the Designers

Jarae Holieway

Jarae Holieway is a multifaceted artist based in New York. Jarae is a creative director, model, stylist, and graphic designer with a 80’s-90’s nostalgic style that makes her a creative powerhouse of her time. Originally from Long Beach California, her inspiration is deeply rooted in a youth spent in Los Angeles. It gave her a love for bold colors and prints, which has allowed her to create a distinctive aesthetic for herself.

Angela Hill

Angela Hill is a creative entrepreneur/artist based in Atlanta, Ga. Angela's natural talents have been cultivated over the last 15 years as a photographer, brand designer and graphic artist.  Angela thinks of herself as a messenger and an artist always excited about co-creating with organizations, entrepreneurs and artists to help them bring their ideas to life.

Edinah Chewe

Edinah is a multi-disciplinary artist, co-mingling within various fields of visual communication. The creator behind Wildlogic, her work is rooted in creating colourful worlds, through various mediums, for the visually passionate.

Black Feminist Future Collection

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